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Morgan Maassen’s latest short, “Jungle”

There’s nothing that gets us more excited than something new from Morgan Maassen. Nothing. Don’t ask us why—there is something about Morgan Maassen’s work, no matter if it’s film or photography, that always resonates with us. His work, to us, is timeless. And so is his latest short, “Jungle.”

Featuring Dane Reynold, Sterling Spencer, Dillon Perillo, Stephanie Gilmore, Rob Machado, Alessa Quizon, Bella Nicols, Nat Young, Laura Enever, Nat Young, Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, and Andrew Doheny, we can all agree that “Jungle” is a short film that will capture your attention in a matter of seconds. Combining footage from many different trips all over the world, Morgan Maassen has created, once again, a short that showcases with perfection the talent of our favourite surfers.

As told to Stab magazine, “Editing video is bar-none my favorite thing to do, so I was struck with a pang of excitement at several these untouched folders of video,” Maassen says. “A few weeks ago, I was heading to Australia for a photoshoot, so I loaded them onto a hard drive and set out to edit something on the plane, if nothing else as an exercise of passion. I landed in Australia with a rough draft of ‘Jungle,’ color-corrected it the following day to the point that you see it now.

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