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Poetry Monday: Natural beauty and untamed heart in “The Wildflower”

The Wildflower

You were the wildflower,
the one that reminded
them of a 

late storm

on a 
summer’s day.

You were the rare one.
The enigma. 
The one they all wanted 
but who
always got 

You were 
the wild waves 
the still waters. 

The howling wind 
and the quiet breeze.
You were the irreplaceable. 
The unpredictable. 

But in all of it, your admirers,
they forgot that you can’t

own the sea. 

Woman of the wild, you 
belonged to no one. 

You drifted 

where the world led you,
and you didn’t even notice 
that people tried
to follow. 

Blissfully unaware, you 
danced through your 
with eyes for the sky
and a heart chasing
that salty, sunset

You were the wildflower. 
Rare and wonderful.

I wrote this for all the unassuming wildflowers in my life. There’s a lot to be said for natural beauty and for a heart untamed. This was just trying to capture a little glimpse of her.

All photos by Rachel Frankenbach

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