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Ben Gulliver’s new film, “The Seawolf”, is what we all needed.  

The World Premiere of The Seawolf was in Huntington Beach last Friday. Then, the guys travelled north to do the premiere in New York. If you haven’t watched it yet and still wonder why everyone is so hyped about it, you just need to watch this trailer to understand. As Ben Gulliver mentioned, “we wanted to make a cold water feature surf film that was more about surfing than the adventure of exploring in the cold.”

8 surfers on a two-year journey from Canada to Iceland, doing tons of stops along the way in some of the coldest destinations in search of the best waves. High performance surfing at its finest that will boost your motivation for the upcoming season.  

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the release dates of the film in your city via their website, right here.

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