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The Rhythm of the Sea

The key to smooth experiences when at sea is in the rhythm. It’s in letting yourself being carried away by the movements of the waves instead of resisting. It’s in abandoning oneself to the water will and indulge it, staying at the mercy of its coming and going.

The sea is always different from yesterday and will always be different from tomorrow, but one thing remains: its conditions are unpredictable. Sometimes it is calm, other times agitated. Sometimes its water is hot and, many times, frigid. The only thing you can do is adapt to its will.

The waiting. The art of picking the right wave. The commitment it requires. The trust.

Those are all the greatest arts; the secret of the sea.

Like in surfing, it is crucial to pick the right moment when shooting analogue. The important thing is to think before pressing the shutter button. A bit like life. We are the guests when at sea and, as such, we must always respect the landlord.

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