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Textures of the Sea

You sometime need to take a step back to think of the directions you may want to take as well as the choices you need to decide about.  

I was torn between two choices: staying close to the sea and paying an apartment, or moving a little further inland, close to the mountains, to save up money while living at my parent’s house. It was a tough decision—who would want to leave the ocean? As absurd as it might sound, I decided to follow the mountains to save up money. Not forever (hopefully), just enough time for me to save up more to finally go on trips and fully live my passion for photography through different landscapes and cultures.

In the meantime, my motivation remains the same: to wake up way before dawn and head straight to the water whenever I have the chance. I was lucky enough to find myself by the sea again, allowing me to capture some pictures with my new equipment. It feels so good to be back!

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