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Dior brings back your wild side with “Tales of the Wild”

When Dior combines their sense of style with our wilder side, something magic happens: a piece of art. Directors Clément Bauvais and Arthur de Kersauson features in their new series, Tales of the Wild, four different but inspiring characters who live unconventional lives. Throughout each episode, they also study what being “Sauvage” means in today’s era.

Johnny Depp’s as the narrator, we can’t help but be obsessed with those four episodes. The subjects? Harrison Roach, Jakob Von Plessen, Arthur Van Der Putten and Ethan Pringle.

Watch the trailer below and follow the links to go watch the four episodes.

Episode 1: Harrison Roach

Episode 2: Jakob Von Plessen

Episode 3: Arthur Van Der Putten

Episode 4: Ethan Pringle.

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