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Photo: the Jochen Schweizer arena

Surfing in Munich? Not only at the Eisbach River…

Discover the Jochen Schweizer arena

Munich is known among surfers because of the Eisbach river wave, but since 2017, there’s a new surf spot in town: the Jochen Schweizer citywave in Taufkirchen. The Jochen Schweizer arena has a tree-top trek, an indoor sky-diving wind tube, a restaurant with seating spaces inside and outside, and, most importantly for surf fans, there is an indoor standing wave. The adventure company, Jochen Schweizer, offers everything from surf courses to surf sessions for individuals or surf sessions for groups. Each session lasts about 45 minutes. Depending on the surfers skill level, the wave can be turned up to three different heights and powers. Beginners also get a metal pole across the pool to hold on to while getting used to the board. The water is a warm 24 – 26 degrees Celsius and professional instructors give tips and make sure that everyone enjoy their experience. Wetsuits, boards, and helmets are provided, as are clean changing rooms with showers. In comparison, the Eisbach wave is usually even busier and much more dangerous than the Jochen Schweizer citywave. This makes the citywave a good alternative for everyone that lives in or comes to Munich and wants to surf. Of course, surfing on an artificial wave is nothing like surfing in an actual ocean, but it is still better than not surfing at all. Even Mick Fanning once surfed at the Jochen Schweizer arena! So if you are in Munich one day and want to surf, why not try the Jochen Schweizer citywave – just make sure to book in advance to get a place in a slot. The price for one session starts at 49€.

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