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Surfing in times of COVID-19

Although some beaches are re-opening in areas of the world where the worst of the Coronavirus crisis seems to be over, many surfers are unable to pursue their passion of catching waves right now.

So how do you surf in times of COVID-19?

The answer is simple: you DON’T.

No seriously, it is important that you follow your government’s rules, stay at home, and practise social distancing.

But here are some ways to take care of yourself and connect to surfing while you can’t actually surf:

1. Be active

Go outside once a day for a walk or one form of exercise. Run, cycle, or if you want to get something closer to surfing, you could skate through your neighbourhood. Practise yoga at home or do body-weight exercises to stay fit. With plenty of tutorials available on YouTube, it will be easy to find something you like. Just be careful with what you are doing so you don’t injure yourself and make sure you stretch.

2. Eat well

Another part of staying healthy means eating well. Eat plenty of vegetables to nourish your body and enjoy fruit for helpful vitamins that will strengthen your immune system. Try to limit your grocery shopping days to one per week and please don’t buy more than you actually need.

3. Take care of your mental health

This is important. Self-isolating can be tough and more people than ever are struggling with anxiety or loneliness. Having a daily routine during lockdown can help just as much as meditating or taking care of your physical body, for example.

4. Call your surf friends

Talk to surf buddies and start planning your next trip for whenever travel is possible again or reminisce about your favourite surf trips from the past and think about the best waves you have surfed before the pandemic.

5. Watch surf films or read books about surfing

This is self-explanatory and luckily, there is a lot of material available online or via bookshops.

6. Participate in the HomeBreakChallenge

The World Surf League has started to share short videos of people trying to recreate surfing in their houses or gardens. It is a lot of fun, even if you can just watch others because you don’t have the space yourself. See an example here: 

7. Clean your wetsuits

You probably don’t want to hear this, but right now is the perfect time to go through your surf gear. Wash your wetsuits, bikinis, and board shorts. Sort out anything you don’t need any more and put it in a bag to donate later if it is still in good condition. Recycle anything that is broken. Re-wax your surfboard if you want to. There’s always something you can do and then you will be ready to ride waves again as soon as the lockdowns are over.

8. Connect with Nouvelle Vague on social media

This is a given. Follow Nouvelle Vague on Instagram and Facebook for the most beautiful surfing photos or check the website for more surf inspirations and read articles to pass the time.

The more patient you are now, the sooner lockdowns can be eased and the sooner we can all surf again without the risk of spreading such a deadly disease like COVID-19 and putting everyone in danger. Please take care of yourself and stay well.

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