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A surf journey to Italy with Thomas Cimino

It may not be a 6-foot perfect wave with no wind, but it’s still a great 4-foot windy-as-hell surf journey with the sun, which I consider not so bad! 

Woke up at 7 am, took the road one hour later, made sure we had bananas and water for energy, arrived in Italy, checked the surf spots, put on our wetsuits and made sure the coast was clear. All good? Let’s go! 

We enjoyed two hours of surf until the wind suddenly flattened the waves and gave us the sign that it was time to come out. We are in Italy, the sun is shining up our heads & the day is still waiting for us. As we all know that two hours of surf make you terribly hungry, we head to the closest restaurant to enjoy some delicatessen – could you really say no to Focaccia? We ate all the focaccia we can eat, which is bread made with olive oil, and ate tons of Italian cheese until our journey has to continue. Grab the skateboards in chase of unknown horizons, new stranger’s faces. 

The happiness is often found in the little things & this journey with a few mates in the Mediterranean sea was a good reminder of what is really worth. Even if it’s not pumping as we expected it to be, even if the conditions aren’t always right, you just gotta go out there and seize the moment. Italy – you’re awesome! 

Surfer/Model: Thomas Cimino

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