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A Guide to Make You Surf in Siargao

The only surf guide you need when visiting the Siargao Island.

The difference between Siargao and other islands in the Philippines is the surfing. With over 15 unique surf breaks around the island, both on & offshore, you can easily surf at many different spots, all adapted to your current skills. It is quite difficult to bring your own board on the Island and we advise you to rent a board instead of bringing your own. You can stop by Fat Lips Surf Shop to get everything you need and you will be ready for the search, for less than $8.
For the more adventurous one, you may want to reach offshore breaks. To do so, you will need to hire a local boat to take you there, also called a banca. Go with a group or if you’re travelling solo, you can wait on the beach for other surfers to join you. Again, it is something really cheap to do ($5) and it makes you meet new surfers while enjoying onshore breaks. The question we’re all asking ourselves though, is a common one.

Where do we surf?

We did a few research concerning this question and found out that the local surf camp, Kermit Siargao, made a pretty good list of spots you can easily go to. They aren’t secret spots and they are pretty well-known already, so we decided it would good to share them with you. If you want to have the full list, head to their website and read more about it.

Now, you just need to pick the one you want, prepare yourself and go surf.
Don’t forget that Siargao Island isn’t your home and that you need to respect the locals as well as the culture surrounding you.

Surf Spots

Cloud 9

Being one of the most popular breaks on Siargao, you probably heard of it before. Discovered by travelling surfers in the late ’80s, it is now a location for some international surf competitions. It is better to surf it during mid to high tide. As it is a world-class wave, it gets very crowded easily and you should not venture yourself into it if you are a beginner. Although it’s a relatively short wave, it barrels nearly the whole way and guarantees one of the raddest time ever! Please, don’t forget to respect locals.


Located next to Cloud 9, it’s a similar wave, but normally smaller. The wave is normally a right, but sometimes the left is good as well. Best to surf during mid to high tide; low tide is breaking over dry reef shallow. It’s a fast wave with a beginning barreling section. Small can be a beginner wave, but big is very heavy.

Jacking Horse

A jacking peak that explodes onto a shallow reef can be surfed all tides, just be careful low tide. It can be left and right. The right can get very long. The wave then reforms on the inner reef creating a beginner wave named Little Pony.

Dako Island

Fun and gentle waves breaking in front of the Dako Island over a deep coral reef. Good waves for learning, but can become big during winter. Mid to high tide only. Accessible by boat from General Luna.


Very long right hander wave that breaks in front of the village of Salvation. Beginner friendly wave when small but heavy when big. If you get caught inside, it’s a long paddle out. Sometimes might be little fast, get lots of speed. (January to March) and mid to high tide. Access by boat from Salvation. Need some swell to break. It works at all tides, but better at mid tide.

Tuason Left

Easily accessible. It’s a very powerful wave breaking over a shallow reef. The wave is one of the best lefts on the island. However it only starts to work at 3 feet. Best at high tide to mid tide. Low tide can be dangerous since it gets pretty shallow in places and close out. If the swell direction is good and wind offshore, you can have 5 seconds barrel. You must choose the wave carefully some close out heavily. Super fast waves. Respect locals here and take turns, it used to be a secret wave until a few years ago. NOT A BEGINNER WAVE.

Tuason Right

Easily accessible, it’s breaking between Cloud 9 and Tuason Left. Working only on South Swell. Mid to high tide only. Another powerful wave breaking over a quite shallow reef. There are 3 different take off point. On big days, the 3 “waves” align and you can have 200 metres ride with some barreling section.

Where do we eat?

Spending our time at sea can easily make us feel exhausted & hungry (well, I am not sure about you, but it does for me)! You’ll find a small list below of my favourite restaurants/cafes, just waiting for you to get explored by. Fuel up your energy, go surfing, fuel up your energy again, then go out again. Feeling exhausted is good, no?

Restaurants we like

The Pleasure Point Cafe Siargao 

Best coffee in town and they have special nights for surf movies.

Cafe Loka

This cafe is near Cloud 9’s boardwalk—the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

Miguel’s Taqueria Y Cerveceria

Who like Mexican food? ME. Find the best tacos in town at this Taqueria.

Mama’s Grill

Crowded every night, but it is a cheap place with fresh foods.

Shaka Siargao

If you’re craving healthy food, this is the place you want to be.

Bravo Restaurant 

Good vibe, good food and fast wifi. It also has music nights once in a while.

Kermit Siargao

Surf camp and restaurants with the best pizza in town and my favourite local dish—mango float.

Kalinaw Resort Restaurant & Kawayan Siargao Resort Restaurant.

Time to treat yourself. Fancy plate, fancy food, and of course, fancy price.

Kitya’s Place

Another cheap breakfast place with a friendly service. All the girls working there are surfers as well, so go chat with them, they’re awesome!

Siargao, you were truly magical. 

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