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The Kip captured by Honest Work Studio

Southern Sri Lanka’s Creative Spaces – The Travel Guide You Need

“We want to foster a space that people can come to to do what Seddy and I did: slow down, read a book, think about what they want and why they’re here. We went through a Vipasana together, and it just made us look at everything and gave us clarity: what are we doing in the world, what is our purpose? Sustainability and creativity came up a lot. So those are really the pillars that we built on, and that we keep building on because it’s always growing and we’re always learning. Creativity, community, slow living and sustainability: those are at our core.”

In “The People Behind the Places: Southern Sri Lanka’s creative spaces,” Winnie Stubbs brings us on a journey to discover some of the most inspiring creative spaces of Southern Sri Lanka: Verse CollectiveMond & The Kip.

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