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Somewhere in Iceland

Iceland is known as the “Island of the ice and fire, where nature rule over men and set the rhythm of life for his people.


The island is not only Ring Road, Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon or Golden Circle, but way more than that.

Do not expect a lot of sun, not even in August. To me, Iceland reveals the best of itself with a dark sky and rain clouds. Don’t be surprised if the weather completely changes in just a few minutes, this is typical when in north European countries.

Going around, you will quickly understand that it is a continuous evolving land where the beautiful landscapes can easily change shape and appearance due to, for example, a volcanic eruption like the famous one that occurred in 2011. Here, the nature always wins.

With a 4×4, you can leave the ring road and, driving along a few unpaved roads, you can reach isolated and completely out of time places. There, walking under the rain on a foggy day, a lunar landscape or a wild land can suddenly appear in front of you, unexpectedly.


In Iceland, it’s nice to get lost to find yourself in peace and harmony with the nature.

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