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Movements to improve your surfing: Shoulders

There is no doubt that shoulders play an integral part of surfing. An ache or pain can ruin a surf session and can also keep you out of the water, which as surfers, is a very frustrating thing. Shoulders are a ball and socket joint which means, they have a very complex range of motion. Because they are capable of a high variety of movements, there are more areas to pay attention to. If not taken care of properly, joints can easily become inflamed, shoulders can dislocate, or a more serious long-term injury can develop. No one wants a bum shoulder, especially in the peak of a surf season. Most of the time, an injury presents itself because of tightness in the shoulders resulting from stagnation in the mobility of it, poor upper body posture, or lack of flexibility in the joints and muscles. All it takes is one bad fall or an out of alignment paddle and your shoulder takes an unintended beating. That is why it is important to pay attention to your shoulders even if they feel fine. There is always room for improvement & movement. Just like the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”; an exercise a day keeps a bum shoulder away.

The best way to prevent an injury is to keep the area loose and strong. Here are a few exercises to promote mobility, stability, and strength within the shoulder.

1. Gomukhasana—Internal and External rotation of the arms


2. Shoulder roll 1 on ground—Promotes external rotation of the shoulder

3. Shoulder Roll 2 on ground—Promotes internal rotation of the shoulder

4. Sleeper stretch—Internal shoulder rotation

Do you have any other exercises to promote mobility, stability, and strength within the shoulder?
Comment below! 

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