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This Is Billy Bento

It all began 20 years ago with a first attempt to build a surfboard. Living with his mother, Edgar Billy Bento—better known as Billy—had his first experience in shaping a surfboard using only two chairs with pillows to balance the blank in his garage.

His grandfather’s influence during his childhood gave him the interest in handcrafting and Billy learned all there was to know about tools and gadgets.

Starting as a swimming teacher, he was later convinced by his students to teach them how to surf. This was a challenge Billy gladly accepted, but what started as an experience just for fun soon turned into a career opportunity. Billy then opened a surf school where he taught kids the true spirit of surfing.

A dream and a hope—that’s all we need to pursue and conquer everything we want and work for, day by day.

Billy’s connection to the sea grows stronger as time passes and he knows he’s in the right path. He’s living the dream, having the lifestyle of a soul surfer while being a handcraft shaper.

One day, a kid tried to build a surfboard in his garage. Today, this kid is now older, living a daily life of adventures, facing challenges, but more importantly, never giving up on his dream.

This is Billy. This is his story.

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