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Salty Friendship

A friendship created by a common passion for the sea.

Life is crazy sometimes.

A few weeks ago I organized a contest to win two of my photographs, as a way to thank the people who follow me on Facebook. The winner of this contest ended up being a wedding photographer who lives near me in France. Her name is Valeria and she is married to a surfer named Julien who just so happens to work with my father. Crazy how small the world can be sometimes.  Julien and I instantly connected and promised each other that we’d one day do a photo-surf trip.

When we finally went, the waves were average. But we had a great time in the water and had a good laugh. Julien discussed his travels through Australia and Hawaii and we talked about his surfboards (I love his fish, twin and quad).

We went out once more. An evening with a beautiful sunset, where he gave me some good locations to visit for my future stay in Biarritz, France. But by the time you read this, I will already be there.

Some friendships are born in the sea, but stays a lifetime with you. What’s your favourite thing about this kind of friendship? Comment below! 
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