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Nature Is Just a Little Poetic

River Surfing in the Saint Lawrence River.

I remember that when I was a kid, I used to spend all my time in the water. My summers were spent up by Lake Huron and my winters were spent at the YMCA, swimming my guts out. When we would go on family trips, I would always beg my parents to bring me somewhere near the ocean. Regardless of the temperature, I would always manage to go swim if the opportunity came up.

Now here I am, floating against the river current, housing in hand, trying to catch a decent shot of my friend Jeremie.

Strangely, I was feeling quite exhausted a week ago. But now, at around 6 am, I am feeling more alive than ever. This reflection always brings me back to my fascination about the connection between human and nature.

It’s difficult to explain, but we all know what I mean.
It’s that peaceful and blissful moment we feel after a great surf session or a camping adventure.
The emotions we feel come from our time spent in nature, helping us balance ourselves out and giving us power for the busy work days.
Isn’t that one of the reasons we have the occasional “Vacation”?

For me, being surrounded by one of the elements allows me to push further my life goals, from professionals to personal. It helps me open up about some of the struggles I go through in my day to day life and helps me improve as a person. That simple connection to mother nature allows me to constantly grow and feel good.

And so I am here, in the present moment, letting the water splash up onto my face, as I let nature do its thing.

What’s your connection to nature? 
Comment below!

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