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Breakfast of Champions – Power Smoothie

Smoothies are my go-to meal in the morning—they are loaded with a ton of minerals and nutrients, they are easy to make, and the cleanup is minimal. Despite the swamp-like color of a green smoothie, they are actually very sweet and delicious, making them ideal for even the pickiest of taste buds. The health benefits of a green smoothie are many and varied—they provide you with lots of energy, they are easy to digest, they get your skin glowing, your daily fruit and vegetable intake are increased & and much more. If you are looking to curb cravings or cut out junk food, introduce a smoothie into your daily diet and begin to notice how your taste buds begin changing. It may sound crazy, but eventually, you will start craving for green smoothies.

What you consume directly affects your energy and mood levels throughout the day, which is why breakfast is one of the most important meals. Below is my go-to easy, convenient, and delicious smoothie recipe. Enjoy!


2–4 frozen bananas (depending on the size)
½ cup Frozen mango
1–2 handfuls of any type of greens (I prefer spinach)
2 Tbsp. Spirulina powder
½ cup of orange juice
Hemps seeds

Appliances you will need:


Who to follow for inspiration:


When shopping for spirulina, check out trustworthy brands like Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Powder.

What’s your go-to smoothie recipe? 
Comment below and share it with us! 

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