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A poem about the people who believe in us more than we do.

You swam deep. Way far out.
And I thought, just for a moment,
you were crazy. But something said
you knew you were safer deeper. And
I wondered and wondered why you
were so comfortable. And you told
me the shallows were fearfully safe.
Comfort was the scariest, most deceptive
sea monster that ever was and he lingered
in the shallows, right by my feet. So I dove
into the deep, just like you did. Scared,
I splashed and spluttered until I broke
the surface, only to look back and wonder
how I could have ever stayed content
wading back by that shore.  
Now I’m swimming deeper.
I’m way far out. 

I wrote this for all the people that see more in us than we see in ourselves; the people who believe in our best. It was a ‘thank you for pushing me’, ‘thank you for believing in me’, ‘thank you for wanting the best for me’ kind of note.

All photos by Rachel Frankenbach

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