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Never Leaving Bali—Week Two

The Pilgrimage of Chelsea

I’ve been out in this world on my own for two weeks now. I spent a few magical and bliss filled days in Ubud and came down to Canggu to meet up with my good mate Luke and his friend, Aaron, who both hail from the land of Oz. The moment I stepped foot in Canggu was the moment I knew I would have a hard time leaving this place. Between the surf and happenings every night, plus that laid-back island vibe, what more could anyone ask for? I’m beginning to realize I made the huge mistake of coming to Bali first as I’m now fiercely tempted to forget about Thailand, screw Vietnam and just spend 6 weeks surfing and drinking at Old Man’s instead. Decisions must be made.

Sunrise session at Komune

This week started with a day trip to Nusa Lembongan, an Island Southeast of Bali and a fine place to relax. Earlier that morning, like before the sun was awake early, we checked out Komune, a stylish beachfront resort with a nice break out front. The waves were decent enough but nothing I could surf as I’m only little, so I sat on the beach with Aaron and watched Luke surf all the waves like some sad puppy. Aaron had drunkenly rolled his ankle at Old Man’s the week before, and really should have just sent himself home instead of being tortured on a daily basis watching the endless waves roll by. There’s a notoriously dangerous step at Old Man’s near the bar that I assume has taken the lives of many ankles. For real damage, just add alcohol.

The bluest of blues in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

Our morning was spent lounging by the pool and eating breakfast, periodically being splashed by the small children who just had their hair braided, the truest sign of vacation mode for a kid. I once heard a rumor that if you left Bali on a plane to Australia, every kid on that flight would be sunburnt with their hair braided, the tiny plastic beads endlessly clicking and swaying together. After brekky, Luke, Aaron and I had to make a mad rush to get to the ferry that would take us the 23 miles to Lembongan, hopping on as it was pulling away off the beach like some stowaways. Some of you may know this or not but I get sea sick, like I could barf over the side of the boat sick. Aaron noticed me struggling and suggested I pinch my ear as a way to ward off the sickness. I told him that it wasn’t a real thing but he insisted. Turns out I was right and that is not a real thing, but at least he had a nice laugh as I sat there for the 30-minute ride, pinching my ear like some weirdo.

Nusa Lembongan is truly a beautiful place. We rented scooters and putted around checking out little beach coves and, of course, found a nice break for Luke to surf. Aaron and I found amusement from the sand as commenters for anyone surfing, our judgment granting us a small piece of mind for not being out in the water ourselves. The ocean in Canggu is not as clear and tropical looking as you would imagine so it was refreshing to get to Lembongan and see the clear blue waters of our dreams. We drank Bintangs, the local Indo beer, swam in dramatically indigo waters and had an all-around amazing time.

Luke up front, myself and Aaron enjoying a “relaxing” ride across the open ocean

Then it was time to take the ferry home. We sat at the drop off place and waited for a while but no boat came. We were supposed to leave at 4:30 pm and still no boat. Confused, we looked down the beach and noticed that a few hundred yards away was our boat, leaving without us. Had they switched the pick-up spot on us? We frantically ran down and had a local call the boat who was only meters away from the shore but they wouldn’t turn around. Staying on the island for the night wouldn’t have been the worst thing but we didn’t pack for a sleepover and had plans that night. Being the logical adults that we are, we decided to pay $100 each to a man with a much smaller boat that probably shouldn’t brace the open ocean. Maybe we had a few too many Bintangs that day, but it seemed like the best solution. So we set sail on the open seas and experienced a very wild and wet boat ride home, laughing the whole way like some silly school children who don’t understand the concept of death just yet. It was an overpriced experience, but an experience nonetheless.

I still have ten days left here in Bali before I head back to Thailand and continue my travels. I’m hoping to get my Bali fix in those ten days but I doubt it. The best thing I can do is continue to surf everyday, get in those yoga sessions and enjoy every last drop of Bintang before I leave.

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