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People of the Sea

During the summer, there are not as many waves on the coast as there are in winter, which means that we have to find other subjects to focus on instead of only focusing on waves. So, that’s what I did.

At the beginning of the summer, a fashion magazine from my area contacted me to do a swimwear shoot for one of their articles. Accepting the challenge, I was happy to try to shoot people in the water, without a surfboard around for once. It was a lot of pressure, but a great experience.

After the first shoot, I asked one of the models to go shoot in the ocean again in the future and she accepted! The photo, “Infinity,” is the result of this great moment with Sarah, the model. Getting hooked on the feeling, I then asked my firefighters friends from Menton and some of my surfer friends to go shoot with me as well. We were either going before their shift in the morning or at the end of their service. It was such a privilege to be in the water when the sun was rising and when the sea was calm, without any wind or noises.

One of my favourite sessions was when Laure, Noemie and Aurane agreed to come to the sea together and started doing synchronized swimming tricks. It was so different and amazing to witness!

Of course, these photos aren’t about surfing, but I don’t think it matters. Part of the life of a water photographer is to find inspiration at any time of the year, even when waves are flat and that there is no surfers around. 

What are you shooting when waves are flat? 
Comment below! 

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