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JP Veillet’s latest film, FRIO

Experiencing cold water surfing with Jackson Obando and Kevin Cortez

If you haven’t heard of FRIO yet, it’s probably because you haven’t checked any Canadian surf media. Born out of a passion, FRIO is JP Veillet’s latest project—a 40-minute film following the experience of Jackson Obando and Kevin Cortez surfing in Canada. Born and raised in Gigante, Nicaragua, the boys will get out of the country for the first time and go try cold-water surfing. Not only surfers, Jackson and Kevin look like they own the place when surfing at their home breaks—almost like pro surfers, but without sponsors. Amazed by their talent, JP has been obsessed with them and the idea of bringing them to our side of the country to make them live the full Canadian experience. And here they are, today, doing a Kickstarter to make this project become a reality.

“The main idea is to bring the guys up here and get them out of their comfort zone. We created an opportunity, and this is why it’s happening—otherwise, the guys would have never travelled to Canada. Their adventure is a unique experience that anyone will be able to enjoy, plus, Jackson and Kevin are so easy to like”, JP told us during a video-call conversation.
JP is also not a newbie in the industry—growing up with a camera in his hand, JP is well-known in the snowboards industry as he used to work with the guys at Sequence Films. Even if he is constantly trying to challenge himself, FRIO is definitely the biggest film he would have ever worked on. As mentioned to us, “I don’t do it for the money, so if at the end I am tight with the budget, I don’t care. The thing that matters the most to me is if we’re able to create the sickest film that has ever been done. I am knocking on wood to avoid bad luck, but this is going to be one of the biggest surf films that will be coming out of our country, and it’s extremely exciting!”. His passion for FRIO and the world of surfing is invigorating. This is exactly why FRIO is going to work out.

We can expect FRIO to showcase us the experience of Jackson and Kevin, but also our own experience—we’ll live their uncertainties, their excitements and their joys through their eyes. We’ll get to experience Canada as never before, relearning to love then things we took most granted. It’s going to be a movie about joy, and that’s what matters.
If you would like to support this project and help the boys live an adventure of a lifetime, follow the link below and go donate a bit on their Kickstarter. Together, FRIO can become a reality.

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