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Photo: Rachel Frankenbach

What would your dream surf holiday look like? Here’s mine.

A few years ago, I discovered the world of surfing and was amazed by it. I learnt how to surf and have surfed in different locations in Europe. I started to watch surf films and read books about surfing. Every year I watch the World Surf League Events and earlier this year I started writing for Nouvelle Vague which has been a dream coming true. Surfing is all around me in my life so naturally, I daydream of surfing regularly and am in awe when pretty surf photos show up on my Instagram feed. They usually feature big waves in the background, a sandy beach with palm trees in the foreground and lots of sunshine. 

Before Covid-19 happened, I was set to go on a holiday to Hawaii with a friend. Unfortunately we had to postpone our trip indefinitely. I would have gone surfing in Maui, definitely wanted to visit Pipeline in Oahu, although I probably wouldn’t have been confident enough to surf there yet. 

Instead I’m still stuck in rather un-summery England. Lots of rain and relatively low temperatures for the summer are making me wish I was somewhere warmer. I think surfing in Spain or Portugal would be quite nice, just to get away to somewhere a little bit sunnier. I would imagine it isn’t as busy in Hawaii right now too! Soaking up the sun, sand under my toes, running into the cool water with a colourful surfboard under my arm, sounds like a dream….

With surfing you don’t need that much, I’d be happy to stay in a cheap hotel close to a beach, being outside all day, eating lots of good local food. I wouldn’t mind travelling on my own or meeting up with my surf friends from all over the world.

Whenever the world becomes traveler friendly again, I’d also like to surf in Australia one day. Chill people, lots of sunshine, great waves, but also the chance of sharks. Perhaps rather New Zealand then, or or or….

For now, I am staying in England and adhere to the government guidelines. Soaking up every ray of sunshine that I get, making cocktails at home, and running outside so that I am fit and healthy for whenever I can surf next.

What would your dream surf holiday look like? Where would you want to surf? Which countries would you like to explore? Who would you want to travel with? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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