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Exploring Mike Drennan’s world

A quick interview with the Australian musician and photographer.

Mike Drennan is not only a photographer, but he is also a talented artist. When looking at his pictures, we can’t help but feel some sort of jealousy—I am still trying to pinpoint if it is jealousy for the people living in this paradise we call Australia or if it is jealousy for the photographer that has the chance to be there and capture those experiences. All I know is that Mike is helping me put an image on Australia and it makes me want to book a flight ticket right away.

Mike is from the Central Coast of Australia in a suburb of the Central Coast region on the Bouddi Peninsula, MacMasters Beach. As he mentioned, “I grew up in a little paradise called MacMasters Beach. The surf culture was strong, and we had a street full of surfers that enjoyed the ocean and hanging out”. His passion for photography only came up during his teenage years, when he first borrowed his parent’s. “I take my camera just about wherever I go, and if something catches my eye, I’ll take my time to compose a photo until it appeals to me. Sometimes, I get really excited and wander off for a while,” he replies when I asked him about his inspirations. He has quite a few good stories about things that happened to him while trying to get the perfect picture, but as he said himself, “they just shape my style and make everything more exciting”.

As mentioned earlier, Mike isn’t only a photographer, but he is also a musician. He sings, and he sings well! Being in a band while doing some solo stuff, he’s always busy and still in search for some more adventures, eventually out of Australia. Where to? “If I had to say my top 3, it would probably be Iceland, New Zealand and pretty much all of Europe (that place is crazy beautiful)”.

Still at school at the moment, Mike can’t wait to be done to start travelling and living his youth how he wants it to, whether it is through art, music, or surfing. Until then, we’ll keep looking to his photos with excitement for what’s next.

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