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Join the Nouvelle Vague marketplace. 

Our platform allows you to get your products in front of over 10 000 people internationally.

How it works

Selling on another website other than your own has never been so easy! 

Before joining our marketplace, you’ll have to fill up a simple form so we can review your application—it takes around 24 hours to review all applications. Once your application has been approved, you’ll select the plan you would like to pursue with. A welcome email will be sent to you within an hour with all the information you need to get started. Your products will be listed and showcased like it was in our inventory, but when the clients click on the “buy” button, they will automatically be redirected to your website. Why? Because this way, you get traffic on your website while accessing the client’s information—which is, in our opinion, the best of both worlds!

Extras available

Additional products upload

Want to upload more products on our website but don’t want to change plan? We feel you—that’s why for a small monthly fee, you can add more products to your current plan.

Get Your Products/Work Featured on Our Newsletter

Want more visibility because you’re releasing a new product or simply want to advertise what you’ve been up to? We want to help you! Get featured on our newsletter for a small one-time fee.

Instagram Story Advertising

We all know it, Instagram is a big influence in our lives, especially for us, creatives. Get seen by the people that matters to you by advertising your work/products on our Instagram stories. Our creative team will draft a few story ideas for you to pick from and we’ll make sure your stories stay up for 24 hours.

Instagram Post Advertising

24 hours isn’t long enough for you? Get a post advertising instead! Our team will take the time to understand your goals and will make sure the post we publish (whether it is a single post or carrousel) brings you the result you’ve been dreaming of.

Skype Calls With the Founder

We all know it—two brains are always better than one. Roxanne, our founder, will hop on a call with you (video-call or phone call) to discuss your work and your business ideas. Feeling in a rut? Not sure about an idea? In need of some guidance? Or maybe you simply want to launch a magazine yourself? No matter what it is, we want you to succeed and we’ll make sure to help you. Before the scheduled call, you’ll need to fill up a questionnaire so we can understand better your goals and your current needs. Skype calls are 30 minutes long.

Why should I choose Nouvelle Vague

We’re making the marketplace for us—because we’re creatives. We know how hard it is to get into the surf industry and after years of hard work, we want to make it easier for you to get seen by the people that actually matter to you and your business. We’ve wanted to create a place where freelancers and companies in the sport/outdoor industries would be able to shine a light on their own products without working too hard for it. Something simple, easy and efficient—we believe the marketplace is exactly that.

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