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John John Florence sails to the Northern Line Islands

A review on VELA

Matching John John Florence’s motto to ‘get out there and learn’, the competitive surfer and a group of friends recently embarked on a sailing trip to the Northern Line Islands. The mini-documentary VELA depicts the group’s adventure in four episodes; released on John’s YouTube channel and presented by Yeti and Parallel Sea.

The first episode sees John talking about his interest in sailing, as well as preparing for the journey to Palmyra and contacting the Nature Conservancy there. Episode two gives insights into the life on board surrounded by many miles of water, from catching fish for dinner, to exercising, fighting sea sickness, and fixing the boat. The group then arrives at Palmyra and explores the island, highlighting the importance of the protected ecosystem there. In the last episode, waves by Washington Island and Fanning Island are being surfed and the group interacts with the people living on Fanning Island, before John and his friends head back home to Hawai’i.

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