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River surfing with the Montreal-based photographer, Jeremy Le Chatelier

Born in Costa Rica but raised in Montreal, Jeremy Le Chatelier has always been into surfing, travelling and all the creative outlets that both activities can bring you. Being a full-time student at one of Montreal’s university, Jeremy couldn’t just grab his bags and leave for a new location to call his home. Instead, he learned how to enjoy his current home and discovered river surfing along the way. It was only natural for him to start capturing the joy of city surfers when riding one of the two standing waves: Habitat 67 and Vague à Guy. Through cold water, bad weather and sunshine, the photographer captures the power of surfing that is found in the Saint-Lawrence River.

What makes his work stand out is not only that he captures something that is out of common, but that he does it with creativity. His work is unique, powerful and raw—he will instantly make you want to go catch a wave in the middle of nowhere. It might even make you rethink your next surf trip—who knows. All I know is that he makes us fall in love over and over again with the nature surrounding the island, nature that we forget too often about.
Portraying in photos what we’ve been trying to convey in words—that surfing can become a part of your life, no matter who you are or where you are—we’re glad to have discovered this talented artist and we’re looking forward to seeing what will be next for him.

See more from Jeremy Le Chatelier on his website
or directly on Nouvelle Vague

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