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How yoga changes my life

All of a sudden I hear you thinking, “What is she talking about”?

Well, this is a true story. Being a yogini changed my life and is still changing every day of it. Being a yogi (if you are a boy) or a yogini (if you are a girl) simply means that your intention is to live in the moment and to allow your practice to be a life guide.

Living in yoga means journeying through every day by honoring every moment, the joy as well as the sadness. It also means to be fully present while allowing ourselves to welcome every emotion. Of course, it isn’t always easy!

We learn every day, we make mistakes, we even sometimes doubt, but this is what life is about, this is what yoga is about. The good news is that we are alive and we have the chance to surf everything that comes to us, to feel and observe what it teaches us.


First of all, yoga isn’t just a body practice. There are a ton of yoga styles in the world and there are so many to discover and try, so many to play around with and find a style that really suits us.

What does your body need? What does your soul need? Either way, a really intense or a very smooth practice will both have their positive effects as long as you honor yourself and what you need.

Yoga means union, to unify the body and the mind. Well … this is a pretty long journey to explore, but in my perspective, this also means to live in harmony, and harmony is the truth of happiness. We all need the sun to brighten our days, and the wisdom of the moon to watch over our nights. We live in peace as much as sometimes we live in a storm, and that is okay. We all have this masculine and feminine energy within us, and bringing this wisdom to our way of living is one of the prettiest gifts you can ever give yourself. Yoga is teaching me to accept, to feel and to learn. Every situation has something to teach us as much as every person we meet has something to teach us. What if we were living in acceptance instead of resistance? What if we were truly listening to our heart instead of only our head? That is the real adventure and that is yoga! Letting go of fears and calling for love.

Letting go of doubt and calling for trust.

By this journey, through the breath, the movement, the teaching, the community and nature, yoga brings you to your deep power and your deep light, one breath at the time.

All is connected and I feel this very powerful connection with water. The movement of water is healing, the movement of your breath is healing too. Make it smooth, make it slow. As a yoga teacher, as a lover of life, my mission is to share with you all of my precious secrets I’ve learned and that I am still learning along the way.

You know the feeling when you are under water in an endless whirlpool? You have the choice to freak out and resist or the choice to let go, trust and let your body dance with the breath of life, the movement of the ocean. Life is pretty much the same. Just feel, live, trust, move, breathe, love and … enjoy!


How did yoga changes your life? 

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