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The Hawaii of Canada

Cold water surfing in Tofino, British Columbia

I like to say that Tofino is the Hawaii of Canada. 

One of my favourite places to be and it is not just because of the beautiful views of the ocean, the mountains or the fact that you can surf all year round, but mainly because I feel this presence that can be found nowhere else. 

Similar to the Aloha vibe we get from Hawaii, but in a colder and more comforting way.  

You could sit on top of a rock that leans towards the ocean (like North Chestermans Beach) and watch the swell and surfers for hours without noticing time go by. Of course, this happened to me a few times already.  

It’s soothing and quiet. We are in January, which is the low season, but it feels rather comforting. 

I truly believe everyone could benefit from taking a break of the fast-moving life to come to a place so loved by nature regardless of the temperature. 

And then, you hit Cox Bay for sunset and find more dogs than humans, playing on the beach, having the times of their lives! 

There is definitely some kind of magic happening on Vancouver Island and that’s why it will always have a part of my heart. 

Do you think Vancouver Island is somehow magical? 
Comment below!

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