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Watch now: Dane Reynold’s new edit, “Premium Violence”

We all know that Former, a brand founded by Dan Reynold, Craig Anderson and Austyn Gillette, is currently changing the way the surf/skateboarding industry works. As Dane Reynold stated in an interview with Stab Magazine this week, “Instead of doing seasons, we’re scheduling collection releases around film projects, and planning parties and pop-ups based around those. Like, with our first capsule and film, LUXURY 29.99. And I hope people now will be able to really see the evolution of the brand”.

Do you know any brands that do that except them? I don’t.

So, Former’s new collection is out now and available on their website and it came out at the same time as their latest edit, “Premium Violence”. It’s raw, it’s original, it’s high-quality, it’s Dane Reynold.

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