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Chasing the Golden Hour

The definition of golden hour is: “a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky.”

To photographers, this means that they should solely take photos during that period of the day … or at least, would want to. During that period of time, the sky has the best light and colour tones, which is obviously a photographer’s dream, including me. I remember almost each time I woke up early or stayed late at the beach, waiting for that special moment. And each time I’ve waited, I always came back with at least one special shot.

Photographers aren’t the only one thinking about the golden hour, surfers do too. Most of them, to my knowledge, prefer to wake up before the sun comes up and sit in the water to witness the first rays of light while skipping crowded midday surf sessions. As for the other ones, the ones that like to sleep in or for all the “9 to 5” workers, there is another option: the sunset. Similar to the sunrise, a bit more crowded, but still as beautiful.

Even if the golden hour is one of our favourite times of the day, we all know too well that nature doesn’t wait for the golden hour to offer us the best swells. We often find ourselves in the ocean at the most random moments during the day, waiting for that perfect wave, hoping that the light is going to be good enough to take some photos. Surfers, usually searching for the best waves, don’t really mind missing the sunrise or sunset … or surfing twice a day. As for photographers, these sessions far away from the golden hour makes it a bit harder for them to shoot, but they are not too bothered about it as all they crave for is the perfect shot, with or without the pinkish sky.

We’re all using the golden hour as our secret weapon, either for catching waves by ourselves or capturing the perfect light with our camera. We know how powerful it is to be in the ocean when the sun is slowly rising or setting in the sky. We know how good it feels to witness the beauty of nature from the sea and no matter if we’re surfing or shooting, we simply know how magical and unique those moments are. They’re unforgettable but most importantly, they are worth capturing.  

Do you like the golden hour as much as we do? 
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