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NV Book Club: Saltwater Buddha by Jaimal Yogis

At age 16, Jaimal Yogis leaves his home and flies to Hawaii to surf. In Saltwater Buddha, Jaimal tells of his adventures that eventually lead to him becoming a journalist. The book is one part introduction to the Buddhist and  Zen practices, intertwined with surf adventures, all written in a calm voice. This narration instantly transports the reader into an exciting journey around the world with Jaimal. From life-lessons learnt in Hawaii, to Buddhist monasteries in France and California, to Surf-Nazis, and the tough fishermen in wintery Montauk, this book is hard to put down. Luckily it is easy to read in one sitting, as the chapters are short (many only one page long). Whether or not you appreciate the more religious sections of the book, they are critical in showing the many parallels between surfing and Buddhism and Zen practices. But even more so, Saltwater Buddha is for everyone that has ever dreamt of leaving everything behind and moving to the ocean to surf. 

Bonus: there even is a film based on the book. (trailer) (full film)

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