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The beginning of it all – Oceanside, California

Oceanside, California, is one of those places where the diversity is endless. You will find people of all ages, personalities and nationalities. Over the last year, I have found myself there multiple times. The energy of the pier, the beach and the water is unmatchable to many other places.

I spent a few weeks staying with my family in Carlsbad this past winter and headed to Oceanside nearly every night to see what I could shoot and find. The search was endless, but no matter which day of the week we are, something interesting is always going on. Every day, I would spend hours there and always find something new to shoot photos of.

I am fairly new to surfing as I spent my entire life immersed in the ski industry and the surf culture that surrounds Oceanside is what drew me in in the first place. The main break is directly next to the pier, which makes the angles you can shoot from very different from most places. Oceanside pier was the first place I really fell in love with surf photography and the lifestyle around it.

A day I remember very well was this past spring, the temps were hovering just about 50 degrees and the wind was howling and the current was ripping. Little to nothing was happening as most were sitting inside their homes. As I was about to head home and do the same, two guys showed up and surfed until sunset. The waves were rough and the water was far from calm with the incoming storm. Right as the sun was going down a break in the clouds appeared and a fiery red sunset took a hold of the sky. I fell in love with Oceanside that day, and will surely keep finding my way back there over the years. 

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