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Let’s hit the road & be an eco-traveller!

To all the travelers out there: to the ski bums, the beach bums, the surfers, the yogis… from wherever you are on this planet, you were, you are or you will eventually hit the road for a fulfilling adventure. Because we are part of this beautiful world, we all have the responsibility to do our best to preserve and take care of the environment. In honour of this magnificent mother earth, let’s take 5 minutes to think or rethink about some of our eco-behaviours while travelling.


1. Plastic sucks, bring your own cup

If you are driving your ass off, you will certainly make tons of coffee stops on the road, but no need to say that you don’t have to take tons of coffee cups. Use your own reusable coffee cup and water bottle will save a lot of plastic and paper. This easy behaviour means a lot and can inspire others to go green and make a difference. Plastic pollution is up to 90% of the trash pollution found on the beaches. Avoiding plastic directly helps the good health of our oceans and of our planet. Avoiding plastic it’s saying NO to useless straws, to plastic water bottle or “to go” coffee cups! I know we can do it! 

2. Grocery shopping

Not only considering that it is a healthier choice, eating from the grocery store or local shop is also way cheaper than any fast food restaurant. Making it easier to be eco-friendly and to make healthier choices, eating from the grocery store can help avoid all the plastic from cutleries and packaging. 

3. Clean up after yourself

When you park your car for the night, make sure there is no mark of your passage when you leave the morning after. Dispose of any waste properly, inspect your campsite and rest area for trash or spilled food. Bonfire lover? Make sure you clean up after yourself and leave the beach or campfire exactly how it was before. Be mindful, leave with no trace!

4. Environmentally friendly

As hippie as it sound, living on the road is quite a challenge when you are talking about having a shower. Let’s be honest here and come back to the basics. Shampoo your hair, wash yourself, your clothes or dishes at least 200 feet away from any water sources even while using biodegradable soap. “All soaps, unfortunately even biodegradable ones, can contaminate fresh water sources. Using a biodegradable soap doesn’t reduce its immediate environmental impact, it just means that the soap will biodegrade in time”. Biodegradable products are not natural. If you wouldn’t drink it, then keep it out of water sources.

5. Respect the wildlife

Observe from a distance, be respectful and gentle. Never feed animals as feeding them damage their health and alter their wild and natural behaviours. Preserve wildlife by storing your food and trash securely.  

And after all, don’t forget that being free on the road is such a blessing! Embrace this moment and this chance to live in harmony with yourself and nature. We all are a part of it and we all can make a difference. 

Take the chance, take the road!

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