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A journey through Australia – Melbourne

I thought that moving to a new city in an unknown country would be extremely difficult. Yes, Australia speaks English and is quite similar to the USA, but it is on the complete other side of the world and very new for me. It ended up different than what I expected.

So far, most things have been easier than I had originally thought they would be. The house I ended up in turn out to be a score. All the guys living there are really chill, for the few times I get to see them. Other than the flatmates, the price and location are unbeatable! The house itself is a bit on the older side. The shower leaks, parts of the roof/walls are coming apart, mold and countless other old house problems, but I figured that it just gives it some extra character. Over the course of several weeks, it became my new home. Even though it’s temporary, it is nice to have.

It took me three weeks to find a job. I spent a lot of time dropping off resumes at nearby restaurants and applying online to countless cafes, restaurants and whoever else was hiring. Finally a friend of my flatmates got me a trial shift at a cafe called The Beat Cafe. They liked me enough to put me on schedule starting the next week. The Beat is a healthy restaurant/cafe with a wellness center, yoga studio and a chocolate maker attached to it. I have come to realize that it is a popular location for soccer moms and families, which means a pretty nice crowd! 

I was primarily hired in the kitchen preparing dishes and prep work. Within a week or two of my trial, I found myself working 5 days a week. Each shift, I get a great meal and free coffee. To make it even better, I scavenge the old food. This has reduced my weekly spending to almost nothing. I quickly developed a busy life and it was exactly what I set out to do.

While I was preparing to leave the States, I wanted to change up the monotonous lifestyle that I was living. I set out to explore the world, live abroad and see how it would turn out, starting a new life somewhere else. Getting a room to rent and a job in under a month was a little longer than I had hoped for, but it proved me that it can be done. Everyone back home said that I was either crazy or fearless to travel alone. I think that it is neither. Many people are doing it and it is achievable by anyone who wants a little challenge in life.

Melbourne is probably one of the best places in the world for someone to travel or live internationally. The city and its inhabitants are open to people from anywhere in the world. It is easy to meet other travellers through the endless MeetUp and CouchSurf events. I am constantly meeting people who have come to Melbourne and never left. If all the sports that I wanted to do were closer, I might want to stay longer. But as the weather is getting colder my mind is getting prepared for a journey north. Before I can leave, I need to find a car to buy and set it up to live in. I can only hope that this won’t be a difficult process. We shall see!

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