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Sands & Sea with Bree Poort

Bree is a driven 22-years-old living off her passion in Hawaii. She’s able to paint with grace a magical piece that will be able to transport you into a different time and space. You can just feel the place she had in mind while creating a piece, and that’s what I like the most, the feeling she’s able to share with us. Living a creative life always been something coming her way, even though she went to school and studied Graphic Design, her passion obliged her to let go of the unnecessary to focus on the most important – art. I am no artist and I don’t know much about it either, but I know that when I see someone talented that make me feel something, it means that it is a success.

If there is one thing I learned in life is that when inspiration comes to you, don’t let it go. It won’t wait for you, it will go see someone else if you don’t seize the opportunity to make it comes to life. As Bree explained to us while talking about inspiration, “If I start seeing something, I have to do it before it goes away. I had an idea one time about how I wanted to paint something and because I didn’t do it right away, I lost the inspiration and the motivation to do it”. Being an artist means that you need to keep evolving your work and constantly create something new, which must be really difficult. So, we asked Bree some of her best ways to get inspired. Funny enough, her inspiration and ability to create something depend on the weather of Hawaii, which as you can already expect, is quite humid: “If it is raining out, I can’t paint because it is too humid. I can’t paint after 2pm as the temperature start to drop and I’m usually way better in the morning, starting at 4am”. She also believes that no piece is going to be good if she doesn’t start creating with the song “Sway” of Anna of The North on repeat in the background. Music being a big inspiration for her, “Sway” is the song she swear by and we won’t complain! “Also, taking the drone out and taking photos from the ocean from above is a really big inspiration”, she lastly add. 

Originally from San Clemente, California, Bree left a dreamy place to discover another one: Hawaii. She was all over the idea of teaching yoga in Bali, but life worked in a funny way and Hawaii wanted to keep her, so the universe decided to make her meet her actual husband, Bobby. Her love for Hawaii grew even deeper and the idea to leave is definitely not on her mind anymore. Hawaii, you won! 

Being raised in the heart of the surf culture, then moving to a new scene of ocean awareness, Bree definitely found some of her inspiration through the ocean. “I used to remember California as only water, but ever since I started painting and to do videos, I started to see how beautiful my home was and how much of my inspiration was from it. I was thinking it was all coming from Hawaii, but now I know, it was around me all the time. I simply took it for granted”. 

Her passion for painting isn’t something that came out of nowhere as her mom is also a painter. Learning with her mom made her develop the techniques to finally find her own style, which we call “Resin Art”. Still quite new to that particular style, Bree is adjusting her skills and constantly learning since April. “I had this idea in my head, and then I started thinking about it as I wanted to add some water elements and I looked up at resin. I grew up surfing and using resin to fix my surfboards always been part of my life.” Using surfboard resin to create art is quite innovative and as soon as she mentioned that, my jaw dropped. How could you do something cooler than creating art with the help of something that is used for surfboards, which automatically connect you to the essence of surfing? 

Well, you could definitely use your passion for the sea and create something that is pushing women’s surfing & femininity: your own video company. She met her partner, Roxy (aka @roxface) in her video classes and decided to work on a few projects together. They always had the idea of launching a girl surf blog, but nothing never came into shape. Then one day, they decided to film a video just for fun. A one time story ended up being a long adventure fulfilled by incredible clients and way more than simply creating content. What about the women’s though? “Brands kind of do the sexy side of surfing, and we wanted to show the feminine side. We’re just trying to show a good side of surfing that is elegant and classy, not too sexy. Just as strong as men, you know. I don’t believe that we will ever get to the guys’ levels and I don’t want to be on their level, I think we have a really good way to show how to be different and to be beautiful in what we do”.

The challenge of living your life because of your art and creative skills can be quite stressful, but for Bree, there’s nothing more important in the world than being passionate. She’s humble about her art and doesn’t want to be idealized: “I want to allow people to see my process and my journey, showing that I haven’t been an artist my whole life. I am still learning, there’s things that are going to be different and difficult, but I am making sure that I am constantly getting better at it”. Money isn’t a priority, even though necessary, she’s more focused on being passionate than getting tons of money out of it. This is how the best things happen in life, isn’t? When your goals are just so pure and true to your soul. 

Being incredibility talented but with low expectations for what’s next, the beautiful Californian stays grounded to the earth and let things flow at their own paces. As for Rubias, “Our goal would be to work with customers that fit our style the most. Not to exclude anybody, but really honing who we want to work with. We love connecting with people, our clients usually end up becoming our friends. I think just getting a handful of people we love and rolling the thing. I see it going big, but I can’t even imagine how it could look like, you know”!

Bree is the combination of inspiration and talent together. She’s charming, going with the flow and is so honest about herself that it almost make you jealous of her lifestyle. Everything comes with hard work and she’s a perfect example of it. Being one of the few that create resin art and especially having the ability to make you feel the beauty through an innovative view of the sands and ocean, you can quickly see that she’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to. She’s being her own true self, being original in her own style and staying authentic through the whole process. This is what I call, inspiration.

Discover her Instagram to find out more about her daily life and her art. 
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