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Photo Essay: Adversity, North Carolina.

12 hours through the night was the plague of a drive. Darkness the whole way. The first ray of sun greeted us simultaneously as a loud screech screamed from the engine. Still an hour from civilization. No sleep and nerves began to pierce my stomach. We make it to a garage. Our troubles are nothing.

After learning what these people went through in the passing of Hurricane Matthew, we have new perspective of adversity. Over 200 people were displaced from their homes and yet they continue to be upbeat and gentle. The kindest people I have ever met. Each stop we made we were treated like family. Our car was fixed for next to nothing. Our 48 hours spent on the Outer Banks of North Carolina was eye opening, beautiful, and full of hospitality.

Thank You to mechanic Dale, Grey Copes, Mason Casey, and the people of Hatteras Island.

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Photo: Controlled Faint