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Surfing at Dawn

We have been brought up as morning people, enjoying getting up and making most of the day. So, when I see the sky turning red outside the window of our cabin one morning, I immediately wake up Matt, grab the boards and camera and head straight to the beach.

Our cabin is on great barrier island off the east coast of Auckland, New Zealand. It is nestled in between the sand dunes protecting us from those days where the winds are on shore. It is a small wooden cabin powered by solar panels and tank water. It is simple but special, it is where we create many wonderful memories. 

As we walk down our private little-overgrown track to the beach, we can see this bright red ball starting to emerge from the sea. The lighting is breathtaking and my brother and I briefly share our ideas, getting into it so we can make the most of this moment. We usually develop our ideas as we go and have turns taking photos of each other. 

Luckily, there is not another soul insight on the beach, the air temperature is warm and the water isn’t cold enough yet for us to swap our bikinis and board shorts for our rubber suits. 

Once we both feel satisfied with our shoots, we ditch the camera on the beach and head for the waves. It is hard to describe it, but when surfing at sunrise with just your brother to fight for waves, you get this tranquil feeling. Everything feels slow, you are just living in that magical moment, watching the sun rise above you.  

That’s exactly when I know that home is one of the best places, especially with Matt around! 

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