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7 ways to make your morning a peaceful ritual.

Mornings are awesome! There is this indescriptive feeling that you only feel when you first open your eyes in the morning. This “Good morning world” feeling, this fresh beginning and opportunity for awesomeness. Here’s to great mornings, to new starts, to healthy wake ups, to positive thinking and endless possibilities. Here’s to create this space for happiness and easiness to make your mornings a peaceful moment and a way to achieve your wildest goals!

1. Gently wake up

Set your alarm clock with a positive intention or affirmation while your favorite tune is playing. Why not starting your day with a bit of groovy? Put on your favorite tune and give yourself some kind words. So much better than the boring “bip bip bip”. 

2. Check-in with yourself first

As you are up, keep your phone away and bring your attention to yourself first. It’s as easy as to take 5 minutes to observe your own natural breathing or to give yourself some stretching. Be humble here, your Facebook feed can wait. Take an honest moment to set your intention or goals for the day with consciousness. Make this moment a ritual, like you need to do it as a “password” to get off your bed. It will help you to ground yourself and to be ready for this next adventure in a stress-free area. 

3. Connect to life

Wherever you are, when you get off your bed and do your first steps, feel your feet on the ground like you were kissing the earth and let those bring you to connect with Mother Nature. It could be as simple as to greet the sun, to have some fresh air, to walk barefoot or even just gazing outside by your window. It is all about your intention, there is no correct or wrong way to connect with yourself and to nature. 

4. Energize your body

It could be a yoga routine, it could be a run, a walk, a dance or a stretching. Whatever it is, spice things up! Be groovy, be funny, be strong and move your body! Your body is your temple, bring some movements to release tension, to nourish cells and to allow this easy flow of life circulating inside of your body. 

5. Nourish yourself

Take your time to cook yourself something you will be happy to prepare and happy to eat. Nourish your body with a good breakfast and water or a warm cup of tea or coffee. You know what’s good for you! 

6. Express your creativity

Mornings are a great time to stimulate our creativity. Enjoy this fresh new energy to let your heart speak. We all have a creative side, we all are artists of our own life. Let go of any judgment and see what you’ve got. It could be some writing, drawing or painting. It could be jamming some music or even free dancing! The world is yours and everything is possible! 

7. Say thank you

Finally, say thank you to be alive. Thank you to be here right now in this perfect moment and make it a possibility to reach your wildest dreams. Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies of the universe, use it! 

And … have a beautiful day!

Do you have any other tips on how to start your day? 
Comment below! 

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