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4 videos you should be watching right now.

Russell Bierke & the O’Neill crew in Ireland, Ryan Thomas’ new film “Osmo Thrombo” & all the other videos you should be watching.

With so many websites and surf magazines, it is extremely hard to keep up with all the latest news and videos coming out daily. But don’t worry—we did the hard work for you and filtered all the news from this week, allowing you to avoid the search and simply sit back, relax and press play.

This week, see Russell Bierke surfing with the O’Neill Crew in Ireland, watch Ryan Thomas’ new film “Osmo Thrombo,” explore a Namibian super-left with the Gudauskas brothers and many more.

1. Russel Bierke & the O’Neill crew in Ireland

“Colosseum” features the big-wave Australian charger, Russell Bierke, as well as Nelson Cloarec, Adrian Fernandez, Peony Knight and Kit Inne in the Emerald Isle. Cold heavy slabs aren’t for everyone but these guys truly know how to charge!

2. Harry Briant enjoying some alone time in Tasmania

That’s the kind of video we like to watch and if you like watching the beauty of waves like we do, jump right off to 3:50. Here’s the Australian goofy-foot Harry Briant, surfing cold beach breaks around Tasmania.

3. Ryan Thomas’ new film “Osmo Thrombo”

After the successful release of Psychic Migrations in 2015, we’re happy to see that Ryan Thomas is back with the Volcom brand to showcase the talent and the unique vision the company has. Featuring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn and Ozzy Wright, this 20-minute film is exquisite to watch. As Ryan Thomas mentioned, “I made what I needed to make in the moment, doing my best not to overthink it”. Well, let me tell you—it worked perfectly!

4. Off-the-beaten path with the Gudauskas brothers & Dylan Graves

I don’t know about you, but we’ve always been obsessed with Africa so when we’ve heard that Surfer Magazine did a small clip of Pat Gudauskas, his brother, Tanner, and Dylan Graves discovering a Namibian super-left, all we had to do is watch. And obviously, it was a bright move.

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